The La Seda Story

Get to Know the Owner!


la seda creator Amaris Gamache has always lived in the world of  "beauty",  she grew up in the industry and got her start folding towels at her mothers salon and doing makeovers for friends.

 This led her to the Aesthetics profession, allowing her to fulfill her passion for connecting with others and providing them with the necessary tools to maintain their sense of well being, self worth and feelings of beauty.  She has been blessed with many amazing opportunities throughout her career; some of these include: working with  leading dermatologists, teaching, doing makeup for television, music videos, television appearances to demonstrate her skill and owning her own spa.

the word "seda" is Spanish for "silk"

la seda is the perfect name to describe exactly what she is offering nothing but 100% pure silk.

How was la seda Born?

A search for Silk was the catalyst for la seda. After falling ill and having a great deal of her signature, luscious, thick hair break off, Amaris searched for solutions. She asked a friend with always perfectly styled,  Afro textured hair how she kept her hair from breaking and protected her beautiful styles?  The answer was of course a SILK pillowcase!

There WAS one other option (satin) which was very cheap and easy to find, but after doing some research Amaris chose Silk for it's far greater benefits over satin.  You can read more about why Silk is hands down, the ULTIMATE fabric for beauty by clicking the "silk" button.

Amaris encountered some obstacles trying to find a simple, silk pillowcase. It seemed 100% genuine silk pillowcases where nearly impossible to find, or ridiculously expensive. Guided by her lifelong spirit of entrepreneurship, Amaris decided the solution was simple; to create her own line of pillowcases and silk products!  She's now able to share la seda with you. A more affordable and ACCESSIBLE line of quality, real, silk beauty products.


"I think differently about beauty now.... I’ve been doing beauty for decades... I still see the fun part, the surface part: great skin, brows, lashes, nails. What I see more clearly after so many years... is the true, inner, radiance in the people who come to me. That is real beauty"  - Amaris Gamache

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La seda silk pillowcase and silk scrunchie for beauty. Canadian, Amaris Gamache, Edmonton Entrepreneur