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The La Seda Story

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Get to Know the Owner!


I'm Amaris


I launched La Seda in 2017 after I searched the country for a Canadian, woman owned business where I could purchase quality assured, real silk pillowcases.


I was overcoming an illness and my hair and skin was extremely damaged by surgeries and medications I had been taking. I needed a solution to hair and skin healing and a silk pillowcases was the answer.

I set out to find the perfect pillowcase and my local search came up short.  So as any lifelong entrepreneur in the beauty industry would do, I sought out a trusted manufacturer and started La Seda silk.

I created it all from the logo to the pillowcase design, the packaging and the website as well!


I really wanted Canadians to have access to quality items like our premium silk pillowcases, masks and hair accessories.  All items I fell in love with while testing them on myself.  I truly believe in the value of silk as an essential part of skin and haircare.

I also strive to reduce my environmental footprint as a business,  through the use of recyclable only packaging wherever possible.

Most of all I never take for granted the people who embrace my philosophy and believe in my products.

the word "seda" is Spanish for "silk"

la seda is the perfect name to describe exactly what we are offering nothing but 100% pure silk.

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