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The La Seda Story

Get to Know the Owners!

We are not famous, we are just like you and we consider you to be important.  We are two real people who love what we do and are trying to spread joy through our love of pretty things. 


We are Ami (short for Amaris) and May (as in Kristi May) two Canadian, entrepreneurial ,single moms teaming up to connect with you over the little beauty treasures that bring us joy!


Ami and May represents the every person, the every woman and the every man. 

We share the things we love and believe in with you so that you can have access to quality items like our premium Silk pillowcases masks and hair products. All items we fell in love with while using them ourselves. So we truly believe in their value.

We  strive to reduce our environmental footprint through our use of recyclable only product and shipping packaging wherever possible and most of all we never take for granted the people who embrace our philosophy and our products.

the word "seda" is Spanish for "silk"

la seda is the perfect name to describe exactly what we are offering nothing but 100% pure silk.

Boho Christmas Collab - Alanna Loryn Pho
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