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sleeping with Silk

Why silk is special?

Silk is an ancient and luxurious beauty secret we want to reveal to you:

la seda's 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases:

- Protect your hair from damage and tangles.

- Prevent fine lines by not "grabbing" your skin.

- Are Naturally hypo-allergenic and chemical free.

- Help maintain, hair extensions, braids, damaged hair, eyelash extension and even men's beards

- Are breathable so they regulate temperature.

- Are beneficial to all hair textures from baby fine to afro textured.

- Are ecological and biodegradable

 The average person spends up to 25 years asleep in a lifetime

Use that time wisely with

la seda


Tie your hair up in the most gentle way with our


"Are Silk and Satin the same?"

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