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Where does our silk come from?

You’ve been looking for the perfect silk pillowcases. Even better, you've found a Canadian company that provides them, but you want to know where they're made... you’re the kind of buyer who wants to focus their attention closer to home, and that is so amazing!

We get asked all of the time where our pillowcases are manufactured. Our answer is similar to the majority of silk beauty pillowcases. We source our silk and manufacturer our cases in China.  Why on earth is this? Why would a Canadian company not source or manufacture their silk products closer to home?  Below we answer this question and provide reasons why you can buy from us with confidence.


China produces 78% of the worlds silk and has been producing silk for 5000 years. It's an ancient tradition. In some areas of China families cultivate their own silk moths and make bedding and clothing themselves from silk. It's a skill set not found in North America

Other countries such as India and other Eastern countries produce silk on some scale, typically in lighter weaves used for clothing, saris and scarves. The tradition spread from China to these countries.


Eastern countries have the appropriate climate for sericulture (the growing and cultivating of silk from Bombyx Mori silk moths.) and they also have the weather to grow Mulberry; the moths favourite food. Canada's Harsh winters could simply not support the volume of plants needed to produce silk from mulberry and the silk Moth has a natural range from Northern India to Northern China. 


Since silk is so commonly produced in China the pricing for manufacturing in competitive, we have been working with the same textile company for 5 years, their facility meets our expectations for safety and employment standards, quality control and safe dying practices. They also work with us to source the most ecological packaging options, so we can reduce our carbon footprint. 



In 2019 we set out on a mission to produce locally here were some of the obstacles we faced.

1. We still would have had to import large quantities of Charmeuse silk fabric from China as it is not woven in North America. So essentially the silk still comes from China

2.  We were not able to find a textiles manufacturer that could specialize in building silk pillowcases. Canadians textile companies focus mostly on performance fabrics.

3. We then went to a local couturier to explore small scale production. The costs for production was so high we would have to charge approximately $150.00 per pillowcase.



Even though our products do come from China, we are a small, 100% female owned, Canadian, not found on Amazon, ethically operated and ecologically aware company. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable/recyclable and we ship in eco-packaging.  We love our customers and are confidently stand behind the quality of our products.


Amaris (Ami) and Kristi May

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