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Wholesaling Silk with la seda.

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Do you think 100% pure silk products would be a great fit for your business? There are many reasons it could be! If you are in the personal care industry, silk is one of the best products available today for women, children and men. As a salon beauty product, silk pillowcases and scrunchies are popular items, not only for their luxurious appeal but for their practical uses. A great seller for skin care, eyelash extensions, hair, barber and general salons, silk pillowcases and silk scrunchies are an essential add on and they make great gifts!! If you are interested in carrying la seda silk in your salon or business please write us at

la seda is proudly Canadian and we are currently only offering wholesale opportunities to Canadian business.

Popular uses for silk pillowcases: To prevent lash shedding, hair loss, sleep wrinkles, beard dryness, alopecia, bead head, hair breakage, allergies, skin dryness, product absorption. To find out more about the benefits of silk check out our silk FAQ page

wholesale pure silk pillocases and scrunchies in Canada. The best silk scrunchies and pillowcases products available to Canadian. Haircarem lashcare beardcare skincare.
The ChicSleep pillowcase and scrunchie collection

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